1. SOS requires a profile of material to be recycled. Profiles can be obtained my calling Debra at 888-414-0555.

  2. Profile gives information on type of waste, solvent, customer information.

  3. SOS will give an approval number to customer and profile.

  4. At this time customer can give order for pick up and recycle.

  5. SOS sends bill of lading and calls trucking company for pick up.

  6. All pick ups are tracked into an out of our facility.

  7. Material is received and checked to comply with profile of customer.

  8. A report card is started on material received. (enclosed)

  9. Report gives: customer, solvent, profile number, date received, amount of drums received, gallon received before recycle, comments before recycle, date of recycle,  gallons of clean material after recycled, top off gallon added, drum number for customers still bottoms.

  10. Material is recycled independently from other materials.

  11. Solvent is tested, topped off, and integrity of solvent is brought back to virgin spec.

  12. Product is put into new lined open top drums or we may reuse customer drum if we can bring it back to excellent shape.

  13. All drums that can not be reused are rinsed, crushed to a unusable state, and metal is recycled.

  14. Customers product is label with proper solvent and customer name.

  15. SOS makes bill of lading and ships customer material back to customer location.

  16. In many cases material is sent at time of order to recycle. We recycle material and put in holding for next order. Customer receives product within 3 days of order.